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32156Re: [S-R] Surname "Balashazi", Baptismal term "Hazi" in Jordan River?

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2012
      Dear Jane:

      The surname BALASHAZI (BALASHAZAI) essentially means "people/men/family"
      from Balásháza. Records in Hungary were official written in Latin from the
      beginning of the kingdom of Hungary until 1844-1849, and the "i" at the end
      of the name generally indicates a place of origin. For example, the words
      "Ungarii" and "Ungari" means "people from Hungary" or "Hungarians" and the
      names "Germanii" and "Germani" in Latin mean "people from Germany" or
      "Germans," etc. Please also be aware that the "ii" or "i" have often been
      transliterated in Hungarian as a "y" or "yi" (these endings are very common
      among Hungarians for the reason stated above), so please be aware that
      BALASHAZI surname may also be spelled BALASHAZY, BALASZHAZYI, BALASZHAZI, and
      BALASZHAZYI, etc.

      The root of the name Balásház literally means "Balás's House" from the
      Hungarian name Balás (originally from the Latin name "Blaze") and the word
      "ház literally means "house" in Hungarian. There is a village called Balásháza
      (also spelled Balászháza) in Romania, which is known as "Blaj" in Romanian.

      I've researched the Latin records in the Hungarian Archives ARCANUM
      database (accessible through Bill Tarkulich's website at _www.iabsi.com_
      (http://www.iabsi.com) ) and BALASHAZ* (with the wildcard asterisk) comes back with
      58 results. Whether these are related to your family is another matter,
      but there may there may be a link to them.

      I hope that this helps a little.

      Best regards,


      In a message dated 3/4/2012 2:02:16 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      jmurray6475@... writes:

      I would like verification from this community on information I have heard
      past through the family on the suffix "Hazi". My great, great grandparents
      I was told had the "hazi" added to their last name of Balas because of the
      father was baptized in the Jordan River. I checked with my brother-in-law
      who is from Palestine, and he told me the "hazi" means to immerse into
      water in his language. The father then can pass this down to his children.
      Can anyone verify this, and have other members of the community had this
      added to their surname? If this is indeed correct, how would one find out how
      they got to the Jordan River, they are from Vel'aty, Slovakia. Are there
      ship documents on such journeys made by families?
      I would like to clear up this matter and set the records straight. Thank
      you. Jane

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