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32107Re: [S-R] slovak translations on marriage record

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  • William
    Feb 28, 2012
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      On 2/28/2012 8:33 AM, Ben Sorensen wrote:
      > vytah is an odd one here: are you sure that it is not vztah? That
      > would be "relationship." Devka is an easy girl (in Slovak too, and
      > that spelling is used), dievka would be a young girl. In this way,
      > that "i" is very important. I have NEVER seen divca, as indicated in
      > another post.
      > Today vytah is an elevator. Extract, in this idea, would be more
      > likely vypis or perhaps "vybrane (nieco)", but I think you are looking
      > at the word "vztah." Biros would be a peasant, or cotter, or
      > agricultural day-laborer.
      > It is saying that there is no stamp on the certificate, and therefore
      > unofficial.
      > Ben
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      > Subject: [S-R] slovak translations on marriage record
      > need a little help for the words that i can't translate with google
      > from Slovak.
      > for marital status it says his is single, but for her it says:
      > stav manzelky: devka which translated to "status of wife: whore"
      > what would this have meant, just not a virgin? or was she previously
      > married maybe? she was only 19 on this marriage certificate. not sure
      > of the customs of the time (1901)
      > also, his occupation was "biros" with a u-shaped mark over the s. what
      > is this?
      > finally, what does vytah mean? (accent over the y and u mark over the t)
      > used in: vytah cirkev, nie verejna listina, bez kolka and also in
      > vytah sosobasenych
      > thank you!
      > Julie Radak
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      My dictionary gives "elevator" as the first meaning but there is a
      second meaning which is an "extract", "summary" or "digest".

      Bill Brna

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