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31631Terminology Used in Records

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  • jtgen96
    Feb 1, 2012
      I recently recieved a record birth record that listed father's occupation as W. Teacher. Who can tell me what this might mean?
      The birth record appears in the photo section under KOZUB.
      This is very important to me as I have been searching for several years to determine the churches were my husband's great uncle served as a priest. He came from Slovakia in 1887 where he had trained in 1885 for the Greek Catholic priesthood. Census records 1910 and 1920 list him as a Greek Catholic priest. We know that he was ordained in the Orthodox Church in 1917 and we can trace him after that. But, we can not find where he served from 1887 to 1898 or from 1901 to 1916.

      We did find that he was a cantor at St. John's from 1898-1900. The 1910 census lists him as a Greek Catholic priest in Buffington Coke Works. We also found a 1904 ship record which may be his. If it truly is his it would show that he returned from Bemen to Egypt, PA.
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