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3114Re: making first contacts

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  • sabinov@webtv.net
    Feb 1, 2001
      I have found it beneficial to include a family group sheet or pedigree
      chart along with some photocopies of family photos when contacting
      people whom I think to be related. That way they know it's not "junk
      mail" or some crazy person contacting them, and it proves you really are
      related. The photos seem to really help.

      Personally I've had both very good reactions to this, actually all good
      reactions initially... but unfortunately I have been "burned" also where
      the person initially seems excited, and wants to exchange info, then I
      send them virtually everything I have and I never heard from them again.
      Lesson learned on my part, don't send copies of all the stuff I've
      worked so hard on until you know the person is -really- interested.

      Still, this is a great way to reach out, and my good experiences far
      outweigh the negative.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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