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30803Re: [S-R] Thougts from Bill Tarkulich

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  • Bernardine Weigand
    Oct 31, 2011
      Your detailed, organized tutorials and tireless encouragement have
      enabled me to find records I never dreamed of locating. Your
      dedication is more than appreciated.

      Forever grateful.

      Bernardine Weigand
      On Oct 31, 2011, at 1:52 PM, Bill Tarkulich wrote:

      > All,
      > Thank you for all the unexpected accolades. That is very thoughtful
      > of you
      > all.
      > When I began my quest, it became very apparent that we were breaking
      > new
      > ground. The eastern block had disintegrated, the people were able to
      > speak
      > their voice and reach out beyond their boundaries, the Mormons
      > quickly made
      > inroads to the archives, online maps, translations, and the always
      > difficult
      > task of village identification became easier.
      > Tying together disparate sources, and providing a sensible research
      > methodology became my passion. Not much annoys me. "Cherry picking" by
      > aliens who beam down, who have no interest in dedicating the
      > necessary time,
      > and want to ask for the silver bullet from you and me, well, that
      > does. For
      > those people, please hire a professional to do the work.
      > Second. Every family is different, every journey is unique and thus
      > every
      > research path is different. This is why I refuse to do research for an
      > individual. If that's what you want, go hire someone.
      > Third, lucky for us, most of our research sources are free and readily
      > available. Only a few short years ago, we trudged to the local F?HL
      > and
      > rolled through microfilm for days. Today's researchers have it so much
      > easier.
      > Fourth, is to encourage and encounter every researcher that they can
      > do it
      > themselves. It takes a lot of time, a lot of perseverance and a
      > methodical
      > approach to win this game. Dead-ends are common. Confusing and
      > contradictory evidence is common. Patience. It can take years, but
      > eventually things will click. It's a jigsaw puzzle. For those who
      > prefer
      > to drop names and run, it's darts.
      > If nothing more is said, these are the underlying tenets of genealogy
      > research.
      > I am very pleased to see that each and every one of you recognizes
      > the value
      > of this approach and can (or will be able to) produce their own
      > success as
      > evidence. This is not snake-oil. It's hard work. I am very pleased
      > to see
      > that this strategy is communicated to others. For those who feel
      > they may
      > have little to offer, you do NOT! The group gently corrects each
      > other and
      > everyone benefits from every discussion, small and wide. Don't feel
      > timid
      > about something that you think has been discussed before. This is
      > essentials.
      > I have learned more from you than you from me. I have had the
      > fortune to
      > recognize the big picture quite early in my journey. Each and every
      > one of
      > you has provided something that benefits me, and all of us. From your
      > questions (from which I learn how to benefit) to your discoveries
      > (which I
      > continually add to my web pages) to your strategies, all tied
      > together shows
      > the power of many. I am very thankful that with these discussion
      > groups, we
      > can communicate around the world, finding that missing puzzle piece.
      > The discourse is civil, it is helpful, it is understanding and
      > thoughtful.
      > Three cheers to you all.
      > My reward is seeing others connect to their lost heritage. The first
      > time I
      > saw my family's surname is the legend is a day I will never, never
      > forget.
      > I saw writing that probably had not been viewed for 100, 200 and
      > even 300
      > years describing the births, marriages and death of my ancestors. It
      > even
      > empowered me to travel there and meet my cousins. I had come home.
      > When I
      > wrote my first essay 10 years ago, it was named "Full Circle". Just as
      > relevant today as it ever ways.
      > Keep helping each other. You owe it to them as they owe it to you. I
      > wish
      > you all success in your journey. Put some wood in the fire, grow some
      > vegetables, walk to church. Continue your life long journey.
      > Persevere.
      > Bill

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