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  • patskanovo
    Oct 1, 2011
      Sorry for the slow response to those following this thread....

      I may have found my John Hudy and the village "Toria" on the baptismal certificate for his son John.

      Dacov - Dubovica, Petrovanec, Lipany, Nizny Slavkov, Rozkovany, Torysa, Vysoka

      Torysa SB/PV saris

      1773 Tarcza, Torisa, 1786 Tarcza, Torissa, 1808 Tarcza, Torissa, Toryssa, 1863– 1902 Tarca, 1907–1913 Tarca, 1920– Torysa

      Name: Janos Hudy
      Residence: Tarcza
      Arrived Ellis Island: 13 Apr.1901
      Age: 40 Married
      Ship: Phoenicia
      Manifest Ln.# 10

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "patskanovo" <ddhalusker@...> wrote:
      > Up for a challenge?
      > I have created a file under the name "Chudi Hudi Hudy"
      > This guy, John Hudy I have been searching for a number of years.Not so much who he is but where he was from.
      > On his son Andys' baptism record his origin is given as "Taria" as I see it. I have tried all I know to find this village without any luck.
      > Perhaps a fresh look will help in this search.
      > A little background is that "Helen" Paulov or Pavel was born in Remeniny Jan.1877. She used her Step Father's surname (Ternovsky)when she married John Hudi in 1904 but used her original name of Paulov or Pavel when Andy was born in 1908.
      > Any help with this village would be appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Dennis
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