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30405RE: [S-R] Cost of ticket to America

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  • Frank R Plichta
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Check out the historical currenty exchange rates online.

      I experienced the same question on my grandfather's journey to America.
      Since I have in my possession his ship's ticket, I was able to convert his
      price paid of 944 French Francs in 1920 to US dollars at the 1920 exchange
      rate which equaled $115.40.

      Check out the site: Historical exchange rate data for 1919-1939, Norges
      Bank, Oslo Stock Exchange, Table A2, July 1920 where US$ 6.050 equals FRF

      Sorry that I do not have the web site only the reference.

      This will give you a place to start looking.


      "Searching the world for PLICHTAs"


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      Subject: [S-R] Cost of ticket to America

      I came across an excerpt from V. K. Rackauskas' 1914 book Lithuanians in
      America in which he gave cost figures for steerage tickets from Libau to New
      York, Philadelphia, Boston and Quebec. He states that a Libau to New York
      ticket would have been 82 rubles at that time.

      I was wondering what that would have translated to in U. S. dollars (1914
      and current) and how the cost would have related to a common person's income
      (European & U. S.) around 1914.

      How long would it have taken an immigrant to earn enough money over and
      above the amount necessary to provide for the family's current living
      expenses so that they could purchase a ticket?

      Would children travel free or at a reduced cost?

      Is there a SR member who could provide an explanation?


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