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30115Re: [S-R] Searching for OBERLE family (Correction)

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  • Michael Mojher
    Jul 11, 2011
      From the 1995 Slovak Census:
      Priezvisko OBERLE sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 61×, celkový počet lokalít: 24, najčastejšie výskyty v lokalitách:
      NIŽNÁ MYŠĽA, okr. KOŠICE-VIDIEK (od r. 1996 KOŠICE - OKOLIE) – 12×;

      In 1995 Oberle had 61 listing in the Census in 24 locations. Nizna Mysl’a was #1 with 12 listings. I would say that there is a good chance you could find blood relatives living there today.
      Priezvisko KOZÁK sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 1591×, celkový počet lokalít: 359, najčastejšie výskyty v lokalitách:
      The Kozak name is common. With this spelling 1591 listings in 359 locations. I listed Vranov nad Topl’ou because it is in the same county “okr. Vranov nad Topl’ou as Mala Domasa where Oberle can be found. They are on 11.5 km apart
      Priezvisko KLEMAN sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 162×, celkový počet lokalít: 42, najčastejšie výskyty v lokalitách:
      Kleman is a rare surname, 162 listings in 42 locations. None of the top 10 locations was in eastern Slovakia.
      On Record - Rímsko-katolícka cirkev. Farský úrad Nižná Myšl'a (Košice) - Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations and conversions for Nižná Myšľa, Slovakia, formerly Alsó-Mislye, Abauj-Torna, Hungary. Includes affiliated town of Vyšná Myšľa, Slovakia, formerly Felső-Mislye, Abauj- Torna, Hungary. Text in Latin and Hungarian.
      The films are not online. You will have to go to your nearest Family History Center to order and view them.
      FHL INTL Film
      1923131 Item 6
      FHL INTL Film
      FHL INTL Film
      FHL INTL Film
      VAULT INTL Film
      1923134 FHL INTL Film
      1923135 Items 1-4

      From: J Nielsen
      Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 1:06 PM
      To: Slovak-roots@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Fw: [S-R] Searching for OBERLE family (Correction)

      Correction should read OBERLE family

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      Subject: [S-R] Searching for OBERLY family

      I have searched most places on the web for family of Anna Oberle b. abt 1850 in
      She married Janos KOZAK on 2/6/1871 also in NIZNA MYSLA .
      She was the daughter of Istevan OBERLE and Maria KLEMAN. It appears that the
      OBERLE family came from ALSACE i am guessing between 1780 and 1800..
      Does anyone have any information or know where else I can look.

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