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  • Michael Mojher
    Jun 4, 2011
      While going through the Roman Catholic records of Plavnica I came across a very different page “Protocolum Mixtorum Matrimonum et Prolium” / Record of Mixed Marriages and Descendants.
      I was wondering if of members have come across such a page in the parish records they have viewed.
      On the pages areas were “X” or “---" out. The “X” through the marriage record and the “---“ through the descendants, but not all.
      It appears that the mixed marriages were between Roman Catholics and A Conf. or Evangel. The first entry was made in 1778 and the last in 1845. There were 40 entries over six pages.
      Since these pages were within the Roman Catholic records I am wondering if it is possible that the priest kept track of those marriages and descendants that remained Roman Catholic and those that did not got the “X” or “---“ through their name.
      Hopefully someone well versed in Latin will contact me. I would like to send them the pages to examine and explain.
      Michael Mojher

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