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29487Re: [S-R] Light Handwritings on records

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  • lkocik@comcast.net
    Apr 5, 2011
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      When viewing the LDS records online there is a menu bar above the record that allows you to view the image in a negative mode. It does actually help sometimes on faded images.

       One other thing that helps sometimes also; if your using a laptop or a flatscreen, try tipping the screen.

      I've tipped it as much as 45 degrees.

       I get frustrated very easily but I guess I have to remember these are almost 300 year old records and having them available online is miraculous to me.

         Ron's method of opening them in a photo editing program is the best, especially to store the record.

       When The writing is faded and looks like illegible scribbles....  I keep getting an image of a Rembrant type painting of an old priest with thick eyelids, using a quill pen, and hunched over a desk, entering the records by dim candlelight.


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      Those are great tips on the  computer programs. Our LDS has a copy machine ( when we want to copy records from microfilm ) and it's amazing how much I have been able to decipher by doing a NEGATIVE copy . I turn all the way DARK ( it will look black when it comes out ) . Then hold the paper up the light or bright window and read it .


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