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2939Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Help with Passenger list, please - Also see other surnames from this list (below)

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  • rpmrazik
    Jan 6, 2001
      Thank-you for your suggestion. I haven't tried enlarging yet, but will try
      that. The copy I received is not very good but it might help!
      If you think of any other suggestion, please e-mail me using
      as I seem to still be having problems receiving Slovak Roots posted
      messages. (It's driving my nuts! Because I know I am really missing out as
      so much good information comes through the list!) I did not even receive the
      message (I posted) that you responded too. I did receive 3 messages that
      were posted to the Slovak Roots list that were responses to my post, but no
      other messages from Slovak Roots so far today. This seems strange to me. Has
      this list been that slow?
      If you have a spare minute could you e-mail me back and let me know what
      e-mail address (for me) shows up in the heading of this message?
      Thanks A Bunch!
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      Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 11:35 PM
      Subject: Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Help with Passenger list, please - Also see
      other surnames from this list (below)

      > In a message dated 1/6/2001 4:32:53 AM, rpmrazik@... writes:
      > << Anyone care to take some "educated"
      > guesses here? Please? In column# 10 It lists his Race or People: Slovak.
      > (Note: His nationalization papers listed his place of birth as Brezova.)
      > Could it be the same, you think? >>
      > Hi Peggy - sure sounds like Brezova, especially as he is listed as Slovak
      > from Hungary (since at that time Slovakia was a part of Hungary)
      > Have you tried copying the document and blowing it up much larger?
      > this helps.
      > helene
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