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29255My Czech roots

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  • Dana
    Mar 11, 2011
      Hello everyone. I am new to the group and I am at a dead end in my search. My great great grandfather was HYENK KLAS. He came here in 1913. I have not been able to find any record of his travels I was able to find a ship record of His Wife MARIE (sometimes listed as MARY) KLAS coming over with 2 children. The records I have found have so many places of birth listed for HYNEK. I have found on cenus records saying BOHEMIA, a naturalization record saying Austria, and a death record saying KRAJ PLZEN. I have no way of finding anymore abt them they had one son but he didnt have any children that I can find. I also found that HYNEK had a brother ADOLF KLAS. ADOLF owned the Klas restaurant in Cicero, Illinois. when I found out abt the restaurant I googled it just hoping that it might still be open. Well to my surprise it was and a very famous Czech restaurant. So I picked up the phone and called, just to see if it was still in the family, but yet another dead end. Adolfs children sold it after his death. I dont want to bore anyone with all the details of my search but if anyone has an idea of where i should start next would be great. Thanks in advance -Dana
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