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29009Shkurativtsi / Kal'nyk

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  • haluska
    Feb 20, 2011
      As seems to be the case with my Family,everyone appears to have married close to home.

      My villages are Patakos/Patskanovo,Kobler/Kybliary,Nagy Gajdos/Haidosh,Iglincz/Lintsi.For my Paternal line.

      The twist here is the surname,"Nimetz" or Nemeth. This name is of German origin! Hungarian I understand with an "H" added.

      I have a George Nimetz,born in Shkurativtsi abt.1895,whom married Mary Bumbak of Kybliary in Perth Amboy

      at St.John's on 15 July 1922.

      I also have my Great Grandfather Vasily Bumbak's 2nd.wife Maria aka. Natalie and Nellie Nimetz born 1888 from Neffs,Belmont County Ohio.(Born Where?)

      The trend in my family is a strong one that these two Nimetz's are related but this at the time is an assumption.

      I do know from Family sources that both spoke Rusyn and are also listed on various records as Slovak,Austrian,Russian etc. etc. (As the norm) yet their records of passage remain elusive.

      From the 1930 census,George Nimetz of Perth Amboy,emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1915.

      Nellie of Pultney Township (Neffs) from Galicia,1906.Both appear on the census as NA or naturalized.

      Can any one expand on this before I put everything I have together and send for their Naturalization records?

      Am I missing any clues?

      How does the surname "Nimetz' fit into this mix?

      Kal'nik [Rus], Kal'nyk [Ukr], Kalnik [Cz], Kalnik [Hun], Beregsarret [Hun] Bereghalmos [Hun]

      Bereg/Mukachivskij raion/district > Zakarpatska oblast/region.

      Any insight is appreciated,

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