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290Re: St. George

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Jul 31, 1999
      I will look her (St. Zuzana) up. I spend enough time in the kitchen myself.
      But, Zuzana or not, this is a singularly unimaginative bunch of Lutheran
      Slovaks in Rankovce. The only exotic names are those of the Hungarian
      aristos and perhaps the gypsies. Imagine going to school where virtually
      every girl was named Cathy, Linda, or Carol, the popular names of my cohort.

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      > From: MJESKO@... (mark JESKO)
      > Ahoj!
      > Zuzanna is an old Slovak name; you will also see Zuzka...
      > It's an old Hebrew word meaning LILY.
      > There is a beautiful Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Wash, DC with a
      > beautiful ikon of St. Zuzanna holding a lily on the ceiling.
      > I read some where St. Zuzanna is the patron saint of the kitchen.
      > Dobre vecer!
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