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  • helene cincebeaux
    Jan 5, 2011
      Thanks to Bill, Michael and all who shed light on Slovakland!

      Bill, in light of your comments below that Slovakia remains barckward in
      comparison to the Czech Republic - I don't  agree -

      When i first went in to Slovakia in 1969  and the early 70s the Czechs were
      complaining that Slovakia got all the big factories - they said President
      Husak favored Slovakia????

      As for present day it seems that Slovakia is booming with the auto industries
      and parts and tires and steel - I know there has been a downturn but still
      people seem quite prosperous - well dressed, fancy cars (getting hard to find an
      old Skoda), many taking vacations in exotic places; big homes going up outside
      of each town and in many villages, and the ultimate status symbol touted on
      bulletin boards across the country last summer - a riding lawn mower!

      I get a more upbeat vibe there than I do in the Czech Republic.

      would love to hear comments from our experts on this


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      Good stuff, thanks Michal!

      After WWII again the ethnic Slovaks fought for independence. Many went
      underground and fought it out with the Communists for a year after the war.

      However, since the land had little strategic or economic value, the region had
      no political influence. In Czechoslovakia, it was always the stepchild. The
      Czech lands (yes, it was often called that during the second regime) always got
      the commercial and industrial investments. Compare it to today and Slovakia
      remains quite backwards compared to the Czech Republic.


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      From the 1920 Census Instructions -
      “139. If a person says he was born in Austria, Germany, Russia, or Turkey as
      they were before the war, enter the name of the Province (State or Region) in
      which born, as Alsace-Lorraine, Bohemia, Bavaria, German or Russian Poland,
      Croatia, Galicia, Finland, Slovakland, etc.; or the name of the city or town in
      which born, as Berlin, Prague, Vienna, etc.”

      In the academic journal The Nation, Vol. CIX, No.2841, page 764, Article: “This
      Unintelligible World” in the second paragraph a sentence begins, “There was a
      time in Slovakland....” This was written in 1919.

      " ‘Slovakland’ is a political dream and probably an unrealizable one.” United
      States. Immigration Commission (1907-1910). Reports of the Immigration
      Commission (Volume 1) page 35
      This pre-dates Czechoslovakia by eight years.

      Slovak Nation as a Corporate Body: The Process of the Conceptual Transformation
      of a Nation without History into a Constitutional Subject during the Revolutions
      of 1848/49 by Tatsuya Nakazawa, page 172.
      At the Slovak National Assembly in Turčiansky Svätý Martin on 10 March 1849, the
      Programme of the Slovak Nation:
      The territorial concept Slovakia was clearly defined in the first article. It
      “The Slovak nation acquired its own country and fatherland. We understand this
      land to be the land where the Slovaks have been living as its first
      inhabitants since ancient times, where their own language is autochthonous and
      is the only one in use in everyday life, the land which was the cradle of
      their entrance into history, which however, since ancient times, though it has
      been politically united with other states, no one has ceased calling the

      Slovakland, Slovakia.”
      If the quote is from 1849, then the term Slovakland was used that far back.

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      Helene and Larry,
      My three grandparents had Slovakland as their place of origin on the 1920
      census. It must have been official as we are all from different locations
      in the country. My grandparents' census was in Clifton and Passaic, New

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