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  • jajames@astound.net
    Dec 8, 2000
      In my last search through the Illava church records, I came across
      some things that I didn't understand. I hope someone in the group can
      help me.

      Under the column for parents names on a birth record of their child
      there are some words following the father's name that look like the
      following, as best as I could interpret.
      "vigi capsiborum"
      Can anyone tell me what that means?

      Also under the column of "Nomen Patrinorum corum conditio et Religio"
      what does "cum" before a name mean?

      Third item:
      On a marriage record, after the brides name:
      "Joannes et vodieka anorse filia"
      Is that the first name of the father and the mother's maiden name?
      The "vodieka anorse" didn't appear to be capitalized.

      Thank you to anyone who can help.

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