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  • Judy/Dick James
    Dec 7, 2000
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      Thank you Elfriede, for such complete information. It will add a more personal touch to the little information I have about my great-grandfather.
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      Hi, Judy -
      I would say that in the old Austrian Empire where possibly civil
      servants from the capital Vienna made out the marriage certificate,
      "Wachmann" meant almost certainly police officer - but not a dreaded
      one, as for example under the Nazi regime, but a benevolent one who
      helped people. Before the advent of the electric streetlights (which
      1868 certainly was), there could also have been a "Nachtwaechter" who
      had more or less the duties of a nighttime security guard - but then he
      would have been called that, i.e. Nachtwaechter. It was definitely NOT a
      watchmaker - who would have been called an "Uhrmacher". "Wachmann" is a
      typical Viennese expression and may not even occur in a German
      Best wishes,
      Elfriede Steiner Grillmair

      jajames@... wrote:
      > On the marriage registration for Andreas (Andrej) Mutnansky, his
      > occupation is listed as "vachman". If this means "watchman", does
      > that refer to a security guard of some sort or a person who fixes
      > watches? The date of the marriage was 1868.
      > All help is appreciated. Thank you.
      > Judy

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