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28122RE: [S-R] Looking for ancestral village-need help

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  • Janet Kozlay
    Nov 2, 2010
      I would try Borosnya, also called Brusnyicza, presently Brusnica in
      Slovakia. LDS has Greek Catholic records available for this village and
      luckily for you they are on line. So it only costs you a little time to
      check out to see if your names exist there.


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      Subject: [S-R] Looking for ancestral village-need help

      I am helping my daughter in law with her genealogy-her paternal grandmother
      is of Czech/Slovak descent. After much searching, I think she is
      Carpatho-Rusyn.Her father Mike Adamov,b.1892 in Austria-name of the town
      from his WW1 draft card. I cannot find the town or be sure of the
      spelling,other than the county was Zemplin.This is what I get for the name-
      Borotza-Bonotza, but no such place exists. Could this be Borocz or Borovce
      when pronounced with an accent? I have both parents' death certificates, but
      they only give names, not places other than Slovakland. I can't find more of
      the family without the name of the village. I am stuck. Family names
      involved are: Adamov, Drobnak, and Illasevich(death certificate)and
      Clasevics (birth certificate) for maiden name of mother. Thanks for any help
      Sue Eppley Landrith

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