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  • jpkostelnik
    Aug 16, 2010
      I found my ancestors in the LDS pilot database church records for Tulcik, Slovakia. I was able to definitively trace back to about 1809. I lose any trace of the name "Kostelnik" (with various spellings) at about 1788. Does anyone know if any name changes took place around that time? I see a "kost, and a "Kostz" sometimes....could this be an abbreviation for Kostelnik (i recently heard that KOST is slovak for bone....so that may be the wrong direction)?

      How common was it for families to move from town to town? If they did move, how far would they generally go? I am trying to find this out so that I could look for them in other church records for towns in the vicinity where they may have come from....

      Any suggestions???


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