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27249Re: Zahorchak Court Case

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  • John
    Aug 4, 2010
      Dennis, great work. Thanks for the help.

      John Adam

      >>> I spoke with the Medical Examiners Office,

      They did not cremate then and he was buried . . .

      An Autopsy was performed March 4, 1942 by Dr. Amos O'Squire.

      The woman there confirmed the information we have from her records and they match the news articles.

      They have John listed though as......note, John Zahorchok. with an "O"

      He lived in "Hawthorn" and died on the 3rd.
      . . .
      Other than that you can call around to the different area cemeteries
      since you have all the correct dates. I have called Kensico and Gates of Heaven. (Both the nearest and oldest near the coroners office) He is buried in neither one. I have also contacted the NY State Police looking into archived records of the case.
      New York State Police
      Public Information Office
      Bldg. 22, 1220 Washington Ave.
      Albany, New York 12226

      Oh yes. I also posted on the Westchester County board on Ancestry...

      Dennis <<<
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