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27246Re: Zahorchak Court Case

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  • John
    Aug 3, 2010
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      >>> Records Under the Freedom of information act can be obtained through the Mayors office......I spoke to them and they put me through to the Police Records Div.

      I spoke with the desk Sgt.?(Thick NY Accent)whom seemed very interested.
      He took all the information I was able to give him and said he would call back if they can find the information or where it can be located.

      Total time maybe 10 minutes....let's see what happens.

      Dennis <<<

      Dennis, did you ever get a response to the police query about the disposition of the Zahorchak court case? [. . . Grand Jury on a technical charge of homicide Robert Defeis, eighteen, of Franklin Avenue, Thornwood.]

      I have been away and may have missed the posting.
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