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27239Re: [S-R] can anyone help with this?

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  • Ben Sorensen
    Aug 1, 2010
      s~ak is a shortened version of vs~ak or vs~akz~e, or something akin to "right"
      or "you know...."  It doesn't translate well into English, mainly because you
      need context to figure it out.  Here we really don't have any reliable
      context... :-)
      Here are some ways (with ONLY vs~ak being in Slovak) that you may hear or see
      You told her, vs~akz~e?
      Juraj, vs~ak you cut down my cherrytree. (Juraj: Well, dad, I shouldn't lie,

      I love how the verb for "you have" turned into a Carolinian word for "push" or
      "press." (I wonder, do you think that someone told the writer to "copy it like
      this, paste it here, then mash that button...)

      From: Julie Michutka <jmm@...>
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, August 1, 2010 8:36:48 AM
      Subject: Re: [S-R] can anyone help with this?

      I haven't seen any posts since this one, so I'm not sure whether I'm
      not getting them or the list has gone silent! So if anyone has
      already tackled this, I apologize for any duplication. Here's my stab
      at it:

      It looks like someone wrote you a note in Slovak, put it through a
      translator such as translate.google.com, and sent you only the
      translation. With google translator, if it can't translate a word, it
      just leaves it as it is in the original language.

      He says his name is Radoslav Golbinec and he regrets that he doesn't
      know English.

      "Moj father" is "my father;" by "flat" I think he means "apartment."
      I'm not sure what he means by "your name and Alojz Golbinec 75
      years." Actually, I'm not getting much of the rest of that sentence,

      "Daka Stephanie" is, I think, "Thanks, Stephanie"

      "Ale" (in "Ale know that...") means "But;" "meno" at the end of the
      sentence means "name." "No" at the beginning of the next sentence can
      either be the English word, or the Slovak word for "yeah" or "well..."
      or "but; or "still;" and "mam" means "I have," so perhaps he is
      saying "but I have a beautiful pedigree" or "well, I have a beautiful
      pedigree" (this is assuming that pedigree is the right word for
      whatever he wrote!)

      "and Sak...." I'm not sure what Sak is; my guess is that he means "my
      grandfather and father were also called Golbinec"

      "Tak opatruj is nice" I think is "take care" or "take good care" and
      "ahoooj" (ahoj) is used for both hi and bye, so here it's "bye!"

      Well, there's what little I can figure out!

      I don't know how you first contacted this person, whether by writing
      in English or having a letter translated or using a translator
      program. But if you reply with something like translate.google.com,
      keep your sentences very short, and don't use subordinate clauses.
      Use simple words rather than complex ones. Take your translation and
      put it back through the translator and see if it comes out close to
      the original (not a great test, but sometimes helpful to pinpointing a
      sticky phrase.) And include your original note in English, so if he
      has access to someone who knows English, they can figure out the
      inevitable quirks that the translator will insert into the Slovak

      Julie Michutka

      On Jul 29, 2010, at 1:24 AM, pirate princess wrote:

      > I am sorry for the bother, i am new to the genealogy and this group!
      > I am trying to piece this response that came from some one i
      > contacted in Slovakia who shares my surname, but i am having a
      > difficult time. Can someone tell me. please.
      > Hi Stephanie, I cry Radoslav Golbinec and I regret that I do not
      > know the anglicky.Môj father comes from a large flat and your name
      > and Alojz Golbinec 75 years I have only so much that I even Stavniku
      > family much about his family I say perhaps we can kdoho the family
      > together Dáka Stephanie.Ale know that together we name, otherwise,
      > Mash meno.No beautiful pedigree mam and Sak my grandfather and
      > father were called and the Golbinec.Tak opatruj is nice and I hope
      > that you still write ... ahôôôj

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