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  • Nancy Hayes
    Jul 3 6:16 PM
      Set yourself to No Mail or have the listowner unsubscribe you.

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      Could someone please tell me how to unsubscribe to
      Slovak-Roots..................I have tried several times for over three
      weeks and I am still getting mail. I have a computer problem where every
      message I get comes double, this morning I had another 60 messages. I will
      be away from my computer for several weeks and I don't want to be bombarded
      with mail . Please tell me what I need to do. The unsubscribe mail is not
      working for me.
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      From: martha.andras
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      Subject: [S-R] Photos Uploaded for DUPLIN and KUNDRATH

      Hi Everyone!

      I'm just reposting this request for help understanding writing in 2 photos I
      uploaded from the 1869 Hungarian Census. Maybe someone missed my previous
      post and can take a look. Thanks!!

      1. The first photo is titled "DUPLIN Greek Catholic record". Would someone
      be willing to take a look at the two entries I highlighted in yellow? I
      can't figure out all the words. One is a baptism on 27 Dec 1837 for Anna,
      parents are Michael PUNSDIK (?) and ??? from Duplin but I can't read the
      rest of it.

      The second listing is on the same photo, a few lines down. It is a baptism
      for Anna on 29 Jan 1838, parents are Janos PUNSDIK (?) and Anna ???. I can't
      read the rest of it. The actual record can be found on the Pilot - GC for
      Stropkov on page 49 (or 50 is a duplicate)in the third group of records.

      2. The second photo uploaded is called "1869 Hungarian Census for KUNDRATH".
      I understand the column headings - its some of the hand writing I can't get.
      Any one want to take stab at it?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks & have a good night!


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