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26068Re: [S-R] Re:Lack of Interest in family history - YOU are now the historian!

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  • takukuk@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2010
      It seems like that is a story or condition that everyone of us can
      sympathize with. Kukuk

      In a message dated 4/6/2010 2:15:16 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
      fversweyveld@... writes:

      You have expressed my feelings so to the point. For instance at a family
      birthday party for my 80 year old uncle a number of years ago, I distributed
      a simple form for birth, marriage, death dates for each twig on the
      tree-my cousins, my generation. Everyone knows what I am doing, they love looking
      at the 3" thick binder with family trees, photos, documents etc. But that
      is where it ends. Out of the dozen or so sheets I handed out not one was
      ever returned.
      When I asked my mother's 98 year old cousin questions about the old
      country and why did my grandparents and her parents come here...she simply says
      it was never discussed. No discussion about their parents or their
      grandparents. It was just left behind. Traditions were brought over and sustained
      but no stories about the past. And quite frankly, I was too young to even
      know what to ask and now they are gone.
      You are so right. We are the historians. We put ourselves in that role and
      regardless of whether or not others appreciate it, and I am sure they do,
      we should be proud of our accomplishments. For every piece of the puzzle I
      fit together, I am victorious! There will, hopefully, be someone in the
      next generation that will fill my shoes and continue. I can only pray for that.

      Jeanne Ferris Versweyveld

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