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25490Re: [S-R] Health Death Hydrops

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  • Alan Antoska
    Mar 1, 2010
      "vodnatielka" in slovak.  ie Dropsy, oedema (swelling), excess water accumulating in the tissue.  Not a disease itself, but a symptom of kidney or heart disease (which would not necessarily be visually evident to the untrained. So the scribe wrote what was evident.)

      There was (I forget where) a few sites that had old (english) medical terms shown with today's names for the ailments.

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      I was going through some old records and ran across a cluster of people 38 to 48 years old who died of "hydrops". It turns out to be "dropsy", which tells me nothing more... so I looked on and found that it has to do with "edema" or fluid retention in the body.

      If anyone else can offer descriptions on symptoms or causes from 1880 to 1905, please enlighten us!

      My search did turn up a document many may find interesting, stemming from Vysny Medzev and Nizny Medzev, or Metzseifen.

      http://www.oldmetze nseifen.de/ docs/omm_ 1870-1894. pdf

      Ober-Metzenseifen Morbidity, 1870-1894
      February, 2005, by James O'Hara

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