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24264Re: [S-R] My visit to the Family History Center Hanusovce - 1869 duplex ho

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  • Ron
    Dec 5, 2009
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      Yes, in the old days there were 'duplexes' in Slovakia and 'quadriplexes' as well. The word I find in use is Dvojdum for duplex and have a couple of floor plans in two books I have. That is also where I found the floor plans for the four plexes. They have a variety of layouts, but it seems quite simple, on the same principle we often build with in America. The units are sometimes a mirror image of one another. Basically you enter a hallway with a storage room on one side and the living room on the other side. One three chamber unit measures about 4 meters by 11 meters. Another quadriplex has a central hallway and four rooms, each with its own oven. One room per family. Another duplex is an almost symmetrical mirror image with entrance to each unit to its own storage room and on into the family (living) room. Each living room is about 7.5 m x 5m. Each storage room is about 3m x 5 m.

      General commentary following the one chapter on the houses is not too surprising, stating "a small family (a married couple and their children) and a more numerous family or a big family (more married couples with their children)." "The most common form was with only one inhabited room one store room (larder) and one entrance room. ... wealthier groups of society towards the close of feudalism and in capitalism consistsof another room and a kitchen." Not surprisingly theye talk about function of rooms being modified to fit the changing number of occupants - storage rooms also becoming sleeping rooms, with the living room remaining the only heated room in the house. In the largest families there were sometimes individual rooms for each married couple. One floor plan almost resembles and enclosed motel.

      The conclusion seems to be that our ancestors were as adaptable and flexible as we are, and they made do with what they had. Imagine what they would think of a 2000 sf house, much less a 4000 sf house!

      If you want more specifics, contact me off line or perhaps try Slovak World, where the talk is about anything Slovak and not just genealogical.


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      > Bill
      > I was trying to envision the type of cottage or house this would be and with> 2 entirely different families, I wondered if it was something like a duplex> or if the rooms all were joined. Oh, they owned 2 "horned" cows in the> other breeds category.
      > MaryLou
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