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24236Re: [S-R] My visit to the Family History Center Hanusovce - 1869 census

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  • helene cincebeaux
    Dec 3, 2009
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      There was a house in Cicmany that was a small house but two families lived there until the 1950s, now it is part of the village museum. There was a doorway and a hallway - the stove was at the end of the hallway for joint use.. Then there was a big room on either side for each family and a sleeping room for each upstairs.

      In reading the old records its suprising to see how many people lived in the old small homes. I understand that long ago they slept on narrow benches in the main room, the parents got the bed, sometimes  the grandparents got one too (these were really narrow looking beds and all in the same room ) - good example of this is in Stara Lubovna skansen museum, homes from the early 1900s. Some times the older people and the children spread a sheepskin atop the tile stove and slept there. Others slept on the floor near the stove.

      Do we ever realize how lucky we are that our ancestors took that big leap to the new world.


      From: MaryLou <mlvc@...>
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      Subject: RE: [S-R] My visit to the Family History Center Hanusovce - 1869 census

      I was trying to envision the type of cottage or house this would be and with
      2 entirely different families, I wondered if it was something like a duplex
      or if the rooms all were joined. Oh, they owned 2 "horned" cows in the
      other breeds category.
      I knew there was a Jewish population in the area and I have often thought we
      have some Jewish ancestors. One reason I found this household interesting
      was based on my father's attitudes towards Jews--he was a total bigot--He
      hated Jews, Italians, Polish, and any other group of people who were
      different from him. Because of his bigotry, I always thought it would be
      ironic to show how senseless his hatred was.


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      From: Bill Tarkulich
      Date: 12/3/2009 11:54:09 AM
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      Subject: RE: [S-R] My visit to the Family History Center Hanusovce - 1869


      Every village paints a different personality. They have different customs
      and traditions.. It would serve you greatly to go back to the census and
      look at the rest of the houses and see what kind of trends you can deduce.

      I can tell you a bit about small villages however. They were poor. Most
      of them were really poor. "Duplex" was not something found in rural
      villages 140 years ago. People lived together either because they had to,
      or because they employed hired help. Often, "hired help" was one or two
      individuals, not usually an entire family. The first entrant on the
      census was the property owner. You often found other relatives,
      especially married-ins living with them. What you don't note is the
      number and type of animals they kept - this was the true measure of a
      peasants "wealth" not the house or outbuildings. That's why an entire
      page was devoted to it.

      I'm not going to comment too much on the church designations without
      seeing them, only to "guess" that maybe it was a notation for "Augsburg
      Confession" later known as Evangelical or Lutheran, today known in
      Slovakia as "Slovenska evanjelicka cirkev augsburskeho vyznania" (Slovak
      Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession)

      On Thu, December 3, 2009 9:07 am, MaryLou wrote:
      > I have been using your webpage to help in the translation of the
      > categories
      > but I am having problems deciphering some of the entries especially under
      > occupation and profession.
      > I did find something interesting.
      > My gg grandparents with 7 children lived in a house with 2 rooms on the
      > ground floor, 2 sleeping rooms, 2 pantries or storage rooms. The house had
      > 2
      > closets but also a shed attached to the house and 2-3 other
      > sheds/barns/ stalls. What is interesting- -my ancestors are listed as the
      > first family with a Jewish family as the 2nd. Almost sounds like a
      > duplex,
      > doesn't it?
      > I can't read the religion listed for my ancestors--I know most of them
      > were
      > Lutheran--but the abbreviation looks like: AH
      > I couldn't find a comparable abbreviation so I am probably misreading the
      > handwriting.
      > I may scan a few of the pages and upload to the files section so I can ask
      > some of the rest of you if you can read the info.
      > MaryLou

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