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  • Bob Lupcho
    Nov 7, 2009
      Hi Michael:

      I appreciate the quick response and the information you provided. The
      census shows Andrew immigrated in 1887. I looked at the ships
      manifests for that year
      and found nothing encouraging. I will review those documents again to
      make sure I did
      not miss something. If you have any thoughts/ideas on how people
      entered the country
      in 1887, let me know.


      On Nov 7, 2009, at 12:59 PM, Michael Mojher wrote:

      > Bob,
      > I entered Lupcho into the 1995 Slovak Census database.
      > There is no one by the spelling in Slovakia. An alternative was
      > given -
      > Priezvisko LUPCO sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nach�dzalo 42�, celkov�
      > pocet lokal�t: 12, v lokalit�ch:
      > JASENOV, okr. HUMENN� - 9�;
      > HLINN�, okr. VRANOV NAD TOPLOU - 6�;
      > BYSTR�, okr. VRANOV NAD TOPLOU - 5�;
      > DEMJATA, okr. PRESOV - 4�;
      > SOL, okr. VRANOV NAD TOPLOU - 3�;
      > DARGOVSK�CH HRDINOV (obec KOSICE), okr. KOSICE - 3�;
      > GELNICA, okr. SPISSK� NOV� VES (od r. 1996 GELNICA) - 2�;
      > PRAKOVCE, okr. SPISSK� NOV� VES (od r. 1996 GELNICA) - 2�;
      > VECHEC, okr. VRANOV NAD TOPLOU - 1�;
      > There are 42 listings for Lupco in 12 places.
      > As you can see, Jasenov, has the most. The district of Humenne is
      > next to the district of Vranov nad Topl'ou. 28 of the 42 listings
      > are close to one another in far eastern Slovakia.
      > I would presume that Lupco is the original spelling of the name. Try
      > searching that spelling.
      > From: boblupcho
      > Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2009 12:46 PM
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [S-R] Re: Tips on how to post
      > JohnQ/Janet/BetseyAnn:
      > Still looking for information on Lupcho and Csintala. I have not
      > forgotten any of the suggestions made by any of you. I do appreciate
      > the assistance to date. The comments below are aimed at the note
      > BetseyAnn sent May 4, 2008.
      > Hi Betsey Ann:
      > Is there any possibility that we could talk? I do appreciate the
      > information you sent to me at the SR Site. I have not been super
      > active (I had a
      > date with a surgeon) this past year but have made a little progress.
      > I found
      > my father's birth records by using the FHC here in the Corvallis
      > area of
      > Oregon. I also found my GF's marriage information using the same
      > source.
      > My dad, Andrew Lupcho, was born February 22, 1898 (SS say's he was
      > born on
      > February 21, 1898). The 21st is the date I thought to be accurate.
      > The birth
      > records have the name as Andrew Lupscho. The records show the
      > residence
      > as being in Union Sheppton. The place of birth is Oneida, PA.
      > I have attempted to find out if there may have been others looking for
      > information on the name, Lupcho. I have a lead to call Rosalie
      > Lupcho who lives
      > in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her husband, John Steve Lupcho was born in 1924 in
      > Aliquippa, PA. His parents, Steve J. Lupcho and Anna Demko were born
      > in
      > Jasenova, Austria when Austria and Hungary were one country. I
      > understand that
      > Jasenova is a very small village near Humenne, Slovakia now.
      > I looked at the Census records after your note last year. The 1900
      > Census
      > spelled the name Lupcso, 1910 spelled the name Lupcho, 1920 spelled
      > the
      > name Lupeda and 1930 the name is spelled Lycho as you pointed out in
      > your note.
      > If a person looks at the 1930 Census sheet knowing how the name is
      > spelled,
      > it is easy to see that it does say Lupcho. I have no clue how you
      > found this. Good detective work on your part.
      > I still have no clue as how my GF, Andrew Lupcho, entered the county.
      > Could we talk sometime?
      > Thanks for the assist, Bob
      > PS: I found a lady in NJ named Kit Hickey. Her husbands parents
      > changed their
      > name from Lupcho to Hickey. You mentioned a Stepan Lupczo coming to
      > visit
      > Andr. Lupczo in Hazelton, PA (I believe that this is my Grandfather)
      > in 1896. I shared this information with Kit. She said this is
      > definitely a part of her husbands clan. Strange how some things come
      > together.
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      Bob Lupcho

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