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  • boblupcho
    Nov 7, 2009

      Still looking for information on Lupcho and Csintala. I have not forgotten any of the suggestions made by any of you. I do appreciate the assistance to date. The comments below are aimed at the note BetseyAnn sent May 4, 2008.

      Hi Betsey Ann:
      Is there any possibility that we could talk? I do appreciate the
      information you sent to me at the SR Site. I have not been super active (I had a
      date with a surgeon) this past year but have made a little progress. I found
      my father's birth records by using the FHC here in the Corvallis area of
      Oregon. I also found my GF's marriage information using the same source.
      My dad, Andrew Lupcho, was born February 22, 1898 (SS say's he was born on
      February 21, 1898). The 21st is the date I thought to be accurate. The birth
      records have the name as Andrew Lupscho. The records show the residence
      as being in Union Sheppton. The place of birth is Oneida, PA.

      I have attempted to find out if there may have been others looking for
      information on the name, Lupcho. I have a lead to call Rosalie Lupcho who lives
      in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her husband, John Steve Lupcho was born in 1924 in
      Aliquippa, PA. His parents, Steve J. Lupcho and Anna Demko were born in
      Jasenova, Austria when Austria and Hungary were one country. I understand that
      Jasenova is a very small village near Humenne, Slovakia now.

      I looked at the Census records after your note last year. The 1900 Census
      spelled the name Lupcso, 1910 spelled the name Lupcho, 1920 spelled the
      name Lupeda and 1930 the name is spelled Lycho as you pointed out in your note.
      If a person looks at the 1930 Census sheet knowing how the name is spelled,
      it is easy to see that it does say Lupcho. I have no clue how you found this. Good detective work on your part.

      I still have no clue as how my GF, Andrew Lupcho, entered the county.

      Could we talk sometime?

      Thanks for the assist, Bob

      PS: I found a lady in NJ named Kit Hickey. Her husbands parents changed their
      name from Lupcho to Hickey. You mentioned a Stepan Lupczo coming to visit
      Andr. Lupczo in Hazelton, PA (I believe that this is my Grandfather) in 1896. I shared this information with Kit. She said this is definitely a part of her husbands clan. Strange how some things come together.
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