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2315Re: Neumanns from Banka

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  • Frank Kurchina
    Sep 8, 2000
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, Nicholas Trahan <ntrahan@s...> wrote:
      > Is ther anyone out there who can help me find my
      > The only thing I have is "A.Neumann" from my great-grandmother's
      > certificate. I know from her naturalization papers that she was
      from Banka.
      > ANYTHING is appreciated.
      > Nicholas Trahan

      Don't know your surnames.

      Novak meaning 'a newman, newcomer' is the most common
      Czech surname.
      Perhaps 8 % of the total Czech population bear this surname.

      The German surname Neumann also means 'a newman, newcomer'.

      Both names do appear in Slovakia.

      Banka is located 45 miles NE of Bratislava.
      The LDS-Mormons have not filmed its records because
      they have not filmed at the Bratislava Archives as yet.

      But, R.C. parish church records (1783-1895) are available
      for Banka, Slovakia.
      Listed under Moravany nad Váhom.

      You will need to contact the Slovak Archives.

      You can write the Main Archives (Archív hlavného mesta
      Bratislavy) to research your surname records.
      Their narrative research report will be written in Slovak,
      not English.

      There are three different rates.
      Clerical, the cheapest, the basic research, and the most
      difficult, the more expensive.
      They will do research you request then send you a bill
      which you must pay before they send the information.

      Slovak State Archives URLs


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