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23104Re: [S-R] Re: Names: Man's name change Vaclav to James

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  • Ben Sorensen
    Aug 4, 2009
      Hmm... As I read this, I think that there is an interesting reason- perhaps- for the middle initial becoming a B.  It is ingenious.... :-) on your ancestor's part!
      In azbuka- or the Russian alphabet- the sound of V is spelled with what looks like a Latin B.  Perhaps, though it is hard to prove, he was actually using the azbuka for his middle initial instead of the Latin letter!

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      Names: Man's name change Vaclav to James

      "According to the St. Procopius Church Registry my father's first name was
      Vaclav at birth but on every other record that I have he is named James or
      James B."

      Thank you all for your comments.

      I think that it is mostly likely that my father's name change from Vaclav to
      James was an attempt to fit in.

      Why choose James in lieu of Vaclav? Maybe James was a popular choice at
      that time (early 1900s in Chicago, Illinois) or maybe James (a single though
      extended ascending tone) just sounds better in English than Vaclav (two hard

      Since none of his family remains alive and the records are scanty, at best,
      I recognize that there is no way to know.

      I am still pursuing the St. Procopius records to see if there is a record of
      a Roman Catholic Confirmation - perhaps he adopted "James" at that time and
      used it thereafter eventually substituting a "B" for the "V" as his middle
      initial. His name would have progressed from Vaclav to Vaclav James, to
      James (Vaclav), to James V. and finally to James B.

      Interesting to speculate, impossible to prove.


      Charles "Chuck" Tintera

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