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231Helping/Bartering/Exchanging info

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  • sabinov@xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Jul 29, 1999
      I think Deb has hit on the major goal of any genealogy mailing list ....

      to create an atmosphere in which people from different geographic
      locations with access to different sources help each other by not only
      exchanging surname information but by "trading" or offering lookups,
      contacts etc.

      I myself often participate in exchanges with other persons, even in
      other countries. There are some things available to us here in the US,
      or at least easier to do in the US, than for those in other countries,
      and I have often exchanged doing something for someone for a similar
      lookup or something in that country.

      This is best done on an individual basis, (as I have learned the hard
      way that when you make an offer to someone publicly on a list, others
      ask if you can do the same, which sometimes you can and sometimes you

      I encourage everyone to do this, its these acts of kindness towards each
      other that contribute to a good atmosphere on a list, and which also of
      course help us in our searching!

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
      Helpful Hints for Successful Searching
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