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23091RE: [S-R] Names: Man's name change Vaclav to James

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  • Janet Kozlay
    Aug 3, 2009
      However, I still don't see how that explains the enormous number of Vaclavs
      (and Hungarian Vencels) who changed their name to James. To me there are way
      too many to be merely coincidental, though I may well be wrong.

      The answer is probably found in the publication "The Americanization of
      Czech Given Names" by Dudek. Unfortunately, from what I can see it is
      available only through JSTOR, to which I am not subscribed. Perhaps a
      subscriber could look it up for us.



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      James is Jakub in Czech, coming from Hebrew meaning to take by the heel.

      Vaclav is a native Slavic name, coming from roots meaning greater glory.

      So the names are completely unrelated. Your Vaclav probably just picked the
      name James to go by. Think of all the Chinese university students who come
      to America today and pick an arbitrary English name to use.


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      > My argument would have held more weight had I found that
      > Vaclav/Wenceslaus
      > and James had the same feast day, but, alas, they do not.
      > On the other hand, going back further, the name James has its origins
      > in the
      > Hebrew name Jakov/Jaakov. Could Jakov and Vaclav in turn be related?
      > How are the names of Jesus' disciples named in a Czech Bible?
      > Janet

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