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22982Re: [S-R] Newbie Intro--Surnames: Velebir, Sabanosh, Ihnat, Faber

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  • Michael Mojher
    Jul 2, 2009
      Your overview was fine. The more information we have to work with the better.
      As I wrote previously, The only Maria Sabanos in the Ellis Island records was a Maria that arrived in 1923. And there were no listing for Sabanosh.
      The next step is to go directly to the Ellis Island search engine and see what alternative spelling are given and check those out.
      You pointed out that in the American records Mary is listed as being from Slovakia and her parents from Hungary. In 1920 Czechoslovakia was in existence for two years. Prior to that for 900 years the territory that is now Slovakia was part of Hungary and referred to as Upper Hungary. Mary probably used Slovak because the creating of Czechoslovakia in 1918. While her parents would have been correctly listed as being from Hungary.

      From: MaryLou
      Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 9:23 AM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Newbie Intro--Surnames: Velebir, Sabanosh, Ihnat, Faber

      Sorry if I gave too much info but I was under the impression that I should
      give an overview of my research as part of the introduction.

      The main problem for right now is finding evidence of when my grandmother
      entered the U.S. According to family stories, she entered through Ellis
      Island in 1913 but I have searched the Ellis Island database with no luck.
      Have also searched other passenger lists without finding her.
      Here is the information I have:
      Mary or Maria Sabanosh
      Born: 18 SEP 1895 In Hanusovce Nat Taplu, Czeck
      Died : 13 MAY 1973 In Fairfax City, Fairfax,VA
      Her parents: John Sabanosh (1821-1926 in Czechslovakia) and Elizabeth Faber
      (1856-1937 no location)
      I have an original certificate from Jan 1914 showing marriage to Andrew
      Velebir in Bergen, N.J.
      Census records from Sand Coulee, Montana list Mary and Andrew with children,
      Rudolph and Mary in 1920. Her birthplace is shown as Slovakia with her
      parents' birthplaces as Hungary. Year of immigration is shown as 1913.
      1930 census records from Hazelton, PA shows Mary's birthplace as
      Czechslovakia and the same for both parents.

      Mary Lou

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      From: Michael Mojher
      Date: 7/1/2009 7:41:55 PM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Newbie Intro--Surnames: Velebir, Sabanosh, Ihnat, Faber

      Since you have given so much information it would be much easier if you
      present what you want to find in small bites. Is it possible to prioritize
      what we can help you with and then begin at the top of the list and send an
      e-mail on that.

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