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  • Mark Carter
    Sep 1, 2000
      Hello everyone,

      Is there anyone who can translate the following obituary taken from the July 27, 1949 Denni Hlasatel? I have dropped all the accent marks because I'm not sure how to reproduce them here. The photocopy I have has some black spots on it so I'm not even sure where the periods are and I may have mistaken a spot for a period or visa versa. If anyone wants to see an actual scanned image of the obituary I'll be happy to scan it for them and either Email it or post it on a web page where it can be viewed. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps. Here is the obit;

      Oznameni umrti
      Rose Triska
      Rozena Martinec, obydli: 6045 N. Claremont Ave.,
      zemrea v nedeli dne 24 cervence 1949, v 5:00 hod odpol. Narozena byla v Ostomeri v Ceskoslovensku a v teto zemi zila 37 roku . Pohreb drahe zesnule konati se bude ve stredu, dne 27 cervence 1949, ve 2 hod. odpol., z kaple pohrebniho ustavu Barron, 4332 Elston Ave., na Cesky Narodni hrbitov. Zanechava zde:

      James Triska, (zesnuly) manzel; James Jr., Irwin, George a Dorothy St. onge, ditky; 3 vnoucata; James Martinec, bratr a ostatni pratele.

      Dalsi informace sdeli pohrebni ustav Barron, telefon Keystone 9-6100.

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