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  • Bill Tarkulich
    May 3, 2009
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      Hello "G",

      When you find your village of origin (maybe you have, I'm not following all
      your correspondence), you can then determine most answers to the questions
      you seek, including the spelling past and present.

      Many Rusyns affiliated with the Greek Catholic Church. This was
      predominantly in the east of Slovakia. Protestant and Catholic were
      predominant in the west of Slovakia.

      It's too far a reach to assume any surnames affiliate to a religion.

      Your GPs own situation here in the states was often a determining factor on
      the religion. They would go most often to their original faith unless it
      could not be found.
      The Rusyns had a very rough a tumble time of establishing Greek Catholicism
      in the USA. Many US bishops threw their married priests out, even though
      they were recognized by the Pope as one of his Rites. In Minneapolis for
      example, the Greek Catholics gave up, went to the Russian Orthodox and
      "converted" their entire parish.
      Over time, many GCs assimilated into RC. The bottom line is that your
      mileage will vary. I know you are hoping to use generalizations to paint
      your family story lacking in specifics. However, I would strongly urge you
      not to do so. Keep searching for you village.

      Magocsi has a couple of good books on the subject, " The Rusyns of Slovakia"
      and "Hisotry of the Church in Carpathian Rus'".

      Also the Catholic encyclopedia written 100 years ago has some excellent
      observations on the confusion of the times:
      I highly recommend you read the above piece. It's free too!

      Bill Tarkulich

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      Thanks to all for the feedback and recommendations on "Matko." For those
      that speak the language, do you have any ideas on how Matko would be spelled
      in Slovak?

      My gg parents were Roman Catholic when they lived in the States. In
      Slovakia I don't know whether they were Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic,
      Orthodox... . Were the various branches of Catholicism found in specific
      regions or were they comingled? Do last names suggest a specific Catholic
      religious background? Thanks. G


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