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  • vchromoho
    Mar 2, 2009
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "sherryhamlock"
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      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "johnqadam@" <johnqadam@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > >>> I am researching the surnames of Hamulyak and Galaydick,
      > > Heryonich, Uhrine and Eurown or Uhyrn. I believe that the last
      > three
      > > names are one in the same but <<<
      > >
      > > Galicia, not Galacia. Rusyn, not Russian. Don't blindly trust
      > > census taker.
      > >
      > > >>> I also have also seen a baptismal record in which the city
      > > birth was listed as Dobra. <<<
      > >
      > > How about this Ellis Island listing?
      > >
      > > Hamulak, Dmytro Dobra, Galicia, Scranton, U. S. also given 40
      > 1873
      > > 1913
      > > >>> I also know that my Grandma and Grandpa were Ruthenian. <<<
      > > That's important information.
      > >
      > > Concentrate on figuring out the village name. After that, the
      > > will fall into place.
      > >
      > First I would like to thank everyone for the help. As for the
      > questions....I am not sure about Medzilaborce, that is just a
      > As for the baptismal record it is no longer in my posession, long
      > story! All I remember is that the village Dobra was listed in the
      > upper right hand corner of the document. It also had a cyrillic
      > and the document was a golden greenish color, actually all I had
      > a photo that I blew up and my parent cannot locate the photo. As
      > the Dmyro listed in the Ellis Island website yes he is mine, I do
      > have proof of that and he also had a brother named Michael. Dymtro
      > was born in 1874, unknown birth place. I do know that he moved to
      > Scranton Pennsylvania. Michael lived in Peckville Pennslyvania,
      > was born in 1875 Dobra, Austria. As for finding the village name
      > is the problem?? I have no clue where to begin to look!!!
      > Sherry

      The first clue is the name Dmytro. This is a purely Ukrainian name.
      Many Ukrainians lived in Galicia, which is now split between
      southern Poland and western Ukraine. No need to look in Slovakia.

      The second clue is Scranton / Peckville and the link with a village
      called Dobra. Scranton and the Olyphant area (incl. Peckville) were
      a primary destination for Ukrainians from the village Dobra
      Szlachecka near the town of Sanok, today in southeastern Poland. If
      you use Steve Morse's tools to search the Ellis Island records, you
      will probably find Scranton or Olyphant as the destination for most
      of the people from Dobra Szlachecka (if you're lucky enough that
      they transcribed the village name correctly on the EI database).

      In Scranton the people from Dobra Szlachecka mainly belonged to St.
      Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and its offshoot, St.
      Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and in Olyphant/Peckville/Dickson
      City they were members of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Greek Catholic
      Church on River St. in Olyphant or one of its Orthodox offshoots.

      I believe the Chomko Funeral Home(s) in Scranton
      (http://www.chomkofuneralhome.com/) was founded by a fellow from
      Dobra Szlachecka or nearby Ulucz.

      Here are some essential links for you:

      The Dobra Szlachecka Society




      Good luck!
      Rich Custer

      p.s. You may read references linking Dobra Szlachecka and the Lemko
      Region, but Dobra is actually a bit outside the Lemko Region and its
      inhabitants were not Lemkos. Close, but not the same.
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