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22098Re: [S-R] Re: Zuzanna- Suzanna- Zuzana

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  • Ben Sorensen
    Mar 2, 2009
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      THAT depends on the language.... IF she spoke Slovak or a dialect at home, it would be Zuzana.  Nothing improper or proper, but if you are looking for Suzanne and she was Slovak, you will have a heck of a time. Zuzana will get you there.
      As far as what is proper- that is up to the person bearing the name.  I know (VERY personally) an Emilia from Slovakia who shudders at the names Emily and Amelia. A Jan is Jan- and only becomes John when HE says so....
      As far as diminuitives go, I suggest expecting them in personal letters and other personal documents- but never in official documents.  You don't read about Durko Janosik, for example... but his mom probably called him that. :-) Could you imagine???

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      >>> My Great Grandmother supposedly came here from Slovakia.... I have a
      bunch of records with her name spelled a bunch of ways. Does anyone
      know what the proper spelling might have been? <<<

      Gee, you missed Zsuzsanna. They are ALL proper. Why is it improper to
      have Michael = Mike or Robert = Bob? I might be Janos, Jan or John,
      sometimes Janko.

      I generally use the spelling that is used in the church records at time
      of birth.

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