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  • johnqadam@rogers.com
    Mar 1 11:10 AM
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      >>> I am researching the surnames of Hamulyak and Galaydick, Heryonich,
      Uhrine and Eurown or Uhyrn. <<<

      Too much time on my hands and so I decided to take a stab at the
      Heryonich surname. Clearly, this is not correct Slovak as given. I
      tried several combinations of letters and still came up with one

      Looking at it phonetically, what might it be? Given the other
      information in this string, our mystery name probably lived in Zemplen
      Megye, though that is far from certain.

      Here's the best I could do on Ellis Island:
      Herjanecz, Jozsef, Nagykanizsa, Hungary

      Joe is Hungarian, not Slovak, and Nagykanizsa is in Zala Megye, south
      of Lake Balaton's western end. Hardly a good fit but the best that I
      could dome up with.

      Other offerings?
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