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  • Lisa Baker
    Jan 26, 2009
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      Hi group,

      I've been researching my grandfather Charles Trimbath for the past 14
      years and have run out of places to look, below is an introduction
      and timeline of facts I know about him.

      I'm hoping someone from the group can point out anything I've missed
      or an another direction I might search.

      Charles Trimbath (not his original name see below)lived in Fayette
      County, PA. According to family stories, he came to America with his
      mother and father. His father was killed after a poker game in a
      bar, supposedly this was in Republic, Fayette, PA (he used to point
      out the building where the bar was to his children). He also said
      that his father was buried in a nearby town (possibly New Salem) but
      I've never been able to locate a grave or a record of his death.

      After his fathers death, his mother did not want to stay in America
      but was afraid if she took him back to the "old country" he would be
      conscripted into the military.

      I found an article dated July 28, 1914 in which the Austro-Hungarian
      Consul Louis Vaczek stated that every Austrian and Hungarian in
      Fayette County is notified to be prepared for any crisis in the
      pending war between their country and the Servian government.

      His mother made arrangements for him to stay in a boarding house and
      she went back home. My Aunt said he told her the boarding house was
      dirty and the lady had lots of children.

      Why his name was something else (but I don't know what)

      The family had always been told that Charlie Trimbath was not
      Grandpas real name, he said when he went to work in the mines that's
      what they called him.

      I was took this story with a grain of salt until last year. That's
      when I received an email from a man named Robert Trimbath; his family
      is from Fayette County.

      This is what he told me, quote: "my father who has passed now, told
      me of a young man named Charles, he said that he thought he was
      polish but couldn't remember. Anyway the story I was told was that my
      great-grandfather worked at the mine with Charles and kind of took
      him in since he had no family here, he had a name which I do not
      know, but dad said it was very hard to pronounce, the paymaster at
      the mine just started calling him Trimbath and it stuck. I guess this
      seemed logical since they were always together".

      This is the first time I've had someone outside of the family
      collaborate a family story so I have given this much more weight in
      my research. Not that it helps much if I don't know Grandpa's real

      Another fact about Grandpa is that even though he married in the
      Roman Catholic Church he still walked to a nearby town (possibly New
      Salem) to attend the "other" Catholic Church, possibly Orthodox, my
      Aunt remember walking in the snow to Christmas mass in January.

      The other fact I have is that he was never naturalized (searched, no
      papers located) and never voted.


      1917 or before letter from my Aunt say he was Karlos Terembitz and
      lived in Keisterville, PA 15449, she also thought?? that there
      were "relatives"? Named Patton that lived in Hastings, PA

      1917 April 25 Marriage License, name Charles Trembath, born Austria,
      age 21, father Frank Trembath, deceased, mother Annie Trembath
      (maiden name Medleck) living in Austria.

      1917 April 26 Notice in the Uniontown Daily News Standard marriage
      license issued for Charles Trimbath of Thompson #2 Fayette, PA and
      Mary Margaret Buksar.

      1917 May 15 Charles Trembath and Mary Margaret Buksar wed at Holy
      Church, Republic, Fayette, PA

      1917 June 5 Draft Registration WWI, name Charley Trembath, age 21,
      living on Gil Road, Republic, Fayette, PA listed as an Alien, born
      December 30, 1895 in Zara, Sigar, Austria and he is a citizen of
      Austria Hungary. Signed his name with an X

      1920 Census, Fayette County, PA, name Charlie Trembetz or Trembatz
      born Beretski, Austria, emigrated (hard to read might be 1909 or 1901)

      1930 Census, Fayette County, PA, name Charles Trimbath, born

      1936 December 5 Social Security Application, name Charles Trimbath,
      age 40, born December 31, 1896 in Haston, Cambria, PA, father Frank
      Trimbath, mother Anna Vaingar (her name on his marriage license was

      1942 April 27 WWII Draft Registration, name Charles Trimbath, age 45,
      living at Tower Hill #1, Redstone Twp, Fayette, PA, born 31 Dec,
      1896 in Cambria, PA

      1956 March 1 Applied for United Mine Workers Pension, name Charles
      Trimbath, born December 31, 1896, father Frank Trimbath born Austria,
      and mother Anna Medleck born Austria. Since early mine records were
      scarce he obtained affidavits from people who worked with him in the
      mines, the earliest record came from James Cover who stated he first
      became acquainted with Charles Trimbath on or about May 1915. James
      Cover was born 6 Dec 1896 so he would have been about the same age as
      Charles; James' father was Thomas Cover who was listed as a mine
      foreman in the 1920 census.

      1987 January 15 Death Certificate, name Charles Trimbath, born 12-31-
      1895 in Hastings, PA

      2007 November Grandson of Charles Trimbath has DNA tested with Family
      Tree DNA, we were surprised when we found out Charles DNA matched
      with 5 participants. Below is information on the matches and where
      their family came from.

      William Kisseloff - Bill's paternal ancestors emigrated from Kars,
      Russia (now Turkey) to Los Angeles in 1911. They had been exiled by
      the Czar to the Southern Caucasian Mountains (near Mt. Ararat) for
      rejecting the Russian Orthodox Faith and joining a Christian sect
      referred to as "Molokans" He had a Moscow historian trace paternal
      line back to a Maxim Kisilev or Kiselev who was born around late
      1700's, no birthplace, but a relative claims the line originated in

      Statement from Bill: Our common ancestor probably originated
      somewhere in the Balkan region and then his descendents must have
      migrated throughout Europe (Austria, Hungry, Poland, Germany, Russia,

      Paul Gamaldi – Grandparents came from Italy to America in the early
      1900's. He says his DNA does not match with very many Italians; most
      matches are from Poland and Ukraine.

      Michel Kryvenko - His grandfather was living in a house located near
      a lake at Vinnitsa, Ukraine, when the Russian revolution took place;
      his father was horrified by what he had seen and ran away to Poland
      then to France. Surname Êðèâåíêî may be written Kryvenko or

      Ron Paler - His grandfather immigrated to Canada and then to the US
      in the early 1900-1920. He was born in the Ukraine in a small village
      named Borstiew(sp?). This section was constantly in flux with Poland;
      grandfather had striking red hair and pale complexion. The family
      name was originally Pulak or Polak.

      Keith Weissinger - According to Keith his oldest know ancestor lived
      in Germany before 1600

      Sorry this was so long. I'd really appreciate and input from the

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