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  • Julie Michutka
    Jan 25, 2009
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      Welcome to the list, Sandra!

      On Jan 25, 2009, at 2:20 PM, sanbreezy wrote:

      > I have a document that indicates my
      > grandfathers place of birth is Bicoskonovoves, country
      > CzeckoSlavakia.

      Could you tell us what this document is? is the place of birth typed,
      or handwritten? if handwritten, is it possible for you to scan it and
      put it in the Slovak Roots files, so others can look at it and see if
      they read the letters differently? Also, who supplied the information
      for the document (your grandfather himself, or someone else?) and who
      actually filled in the information (eg were they trying to to
      phonetically spell what they heard your grandfather say)?

      Checking Nazvy Obci Slovenskej Republicky, there is no place named
      Bicoskonovoves; the closest I see at first glance is Bic~anske Rowne,
      which today is called Velke Rovne, in the NW part of the country. But
      that's really a stab in the dark on my part, trying to find a town
      name which, if mangled, might match what you have.

      Even tho' the family settled in PA, they didn't necessarily come
      through the port of Philadelphia. It's worth checking the NY
      passenger lists online, either through the Ellis Island site or
      through ancestry.com, or through Steven Morse's excellent portal to
      those sites (www.stevenmorse.org). Ellis Island and Ancestry each did
      their own index to the passenger lists, so if you don't find your
      family through one, try the other.

      Did you find your family in the 1910 census?

      Did your grandparents marry here? If so, their marriage record(s)
      could be a good source of information. What about your grandmother's
      and grandfather's death certificates? Especially for whichever one
      died first, because possibly the surviving (and knowledgeable) spouse
      supplied the information, such as place of birth. Obits? Was your
      grandfather working late enough that he applied for a social security
      card, in which case the application might well give his place of
      birth. What about WW I draft cards, and WW II "old men's" cards
      (search for those on ancestry).

      I grew up in mid-Michigan, between Lansing and Grand Rapids. Always
      nice to find another Michigan person on the list!

      Julie Michutka
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