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2153Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Family History Catalog, Slovakia

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  • John
    Aug 6, 2000
      Good site. It has some interesting options. I was able to go back and
      obtain the film numbers for the Bardejov, Lenartov and Malcov records with
      a little experimenting. It's a little convoluted for that purpose but it
      does give you a listing of over 1,000 villages (not mine) and other useful
      information. Unfortunately, I haven't found the key to locating small
      villages associated with the parish that keeps the records in some
      cases. I know that some of my ancestor's records are with the Livov
      records. When I get to the Livov records, the villages included in
      the Livov records are not listed. The same for Varadka. Anyone have an
      idea of where this information is. I vaguely recall someone suggesting a
      microfiche. I got the critical ones by working with someone in Salt Lake
      City a couple of years ago but there must be another way.

      Heavy traffic on this site. Is this the norm?


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      >Thx for this info! I did not know this was online! Mary Anne
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