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21239I'm a new mwmber and wanted to say hi

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  • kssrobinl
    Dec 29, 2008

      I've been researching my family tree for about 10 years and have just
      moved to my Father's family. Sad to say that besides him and a few
      long lost cousins we have no family here is the US. All I know about
      my great-grandparents is what I have found on thier Ellis Island ship
      logs. I am told that we came from slovakia, but here is what I know.

      If any of you can tell me if I'm in the right group please do.

      Vasil dZak - home town listed on ship logs as Jablonska
      Zuzzanna dZak- home town listed as Hostovice

      Nearest relative still in orig country listed as Jan dZak - Zupa
      Zemplinska Vysni Jabonska

      Arrived in USA April 1921

      Am I in the correct forums?

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