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2123Re: Gayaroch location

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  • Frank Kurchina
    Aug 1, 2000
      On July 30 posted a message :

      Gajary is located 25 miles NNW of Bratislava and 4 miles from
      Vel'ké Leváre, Slovakia.
      Variously spelled Gajare, Gayring, Gajary, plus Gajar in Hungarian .
      In Slovak the letter j is pron. y , as in most Slavic languages.

      - v Gayaroch is the Slovak grammatical locative case spelling for
      this town.

      It is close to current Czech Republic border where the local
      placenames seem to be all in German.

      And the Slovak telephone directory lists 5 surname Lehocky' under
      5 different places stretching from western to eastern Slovakia ?

      The LDS-Mormons are still filming parish church records at the
      regional Slovak State Archives at Bytc^a.
      They have filmed church records at 6 regional Slovak archives.
      Number 7 , the Bratislava Archives remain to be filmed by the LDS.

      R.C. parish church records do exist for Gajary (1657-1895) at the
      Bratislava Archives.
      But the LDS-Mormons have not filmed its records as yet.
      Stefan (Stephen) was born in 1868.

      Frank Kurcina