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21192Lopata versus Lopatovsky

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  • Janet Kozlay
    Dec 7, 2008
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      In researching records from the 1700s in a village in Szepes/Spis
      (Nalepkovo), I have a family named Lopatovsky. There are also a small number
      of entries for Lopata, and these appear to be the same family. Is this to be
      expected? Can I assume they are the same?

      A website on the Lopata name mentions Lopato as a variant spelling, but not
      Lopatovsky. That DNA project focuses on the Lopata family somewhat north of
      my village of interest, near and across the border with Poland (centering
      around Matiasovce). It claims that the Lopata family moved into that area in
      the early 1700s.

      There is a village of Lopata, Poland, northeast of Krakow. I presume this is
      the origin of the name. Quite a number of families in Nalepkovo appear to
      have Polish roots.

      Any information about and discussion of the addition of the -ovsky suffix to
      names would be appreciated.


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