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21154Re: church transcription question

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    Dec 1, 2008
      I'm not sure I understand your request to propogate the name. I listed Milec because it was available in the document. It is in reference to a female ancestor so yes Milcova is correct. The "e" was an accented "c" so that is correct. Some how my copy/paste was corrupted by my yahoo maybe. Thanks for the possible meaning of vdova Alan. The fact that Selcani is a name is helpful. It's interesting /a little/ that the church bothered to put the masculine surname with her. Perhaps to note her late husbands surname without question?
      This document that the church sent is available in my folder here in the group, title- Leporis_family_church_record.doc. Feel free to eke out what you can. BTW, the language is Slovak, eastern dialect.

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