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20899Re: [S-R] Mazura Computes

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  • Ben Sorensen
    Nov 4 5:58 AM
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      Hej you guys... :-)
      I just found you both something- this is the list of where� Macura can be found today. Mazura seems to be a germanized spelling to me- I could be wrong.� But Macura, pronounced the same, is in Slovakia even today:

      Priezvisko MACURA sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nach�dzalo 311�, celkov� po�et lokal�t: 91, naj�astej�ie v�skyty v lokalit�ch:
      KR�SNO NAD KYSUCOU, okr. �ADCA � 20�;
      Z�KYSU�IE (obec KR�SNO NAD KYSUCOU), okr. �ADCA � 20�;
      KYJOV, okr. STAR� �UBOV�A � 14�;
      �ILINA, okr. �ILINA � 13�;
      HRABOVKA, okr. TREN��N � 11�;
      KYSUCK� NOV� MESTO, okr. �ADCA (od r. 1996 KYSUCK� NOV� MESTO) � 11�;
      TREN��N, okr. TREN��N � 11�;
      DUNAJOV, okr. �ADCA � 8�;
      ZBOROV NAD BYSTRICOU, okr. �ADCA � 8�;
      U HLU�KA (obec �ADCA), okr. �ADCA � 8�;

      I hope this is at least interesting...
      --- On Sun, 11/2/08, Michael Mojher <mgmojher@...> wrote:

      From: Michael Mojher <mgmojher@...>
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Mazura Computes
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008, 10:08 PM

      I stepped into your conversation with 'johnqadam' and apologized in my first e-mail about not seeing previous messages.
      Because my ancestral village, Hromos, is so close to Sarriske Jastrabie I wondered if I might be able to contribute something to your search. The Macura surnames in Sarriske Jastrabie and Kyjov should be of use. As you said, "I don't know if they were ALWAYS from Sarriske Jastrabie." My situation is similar. The Mojcher family was from Hromos, but it was not unusual to find family members living in Plavnica that was 3 km away. Just like your Macura family members.
      What is so useful with that map I sent is you can do a "bull's-eye" search for a family. Begin with a village and then start working outwards from it, looking for the surname in other villages. That is how I found so many Macura members in Kyjov. Because of that find I would suspect that Kyjov may be the Macura ancestral village.
      Hopefully, you will find like I did that my family has lived in its ancestral village for a very long time. I can place the Mojcher family in Hromos for over 310 years.
      The Mojhers were also Pennsylvania coalminers - Olyphant-Blakeley.
      Michael Mojher

      From: Lisa Marzonie
      Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 3:56 PM
      To: slovak-roots@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: RE: [S-R] Mazura Computes

      Thanks. Not being Slovak, I'm clueless, but I appreciate every scrap of information. ..we never know when something is going to suddenly come into play. I think they spelled it with a "c"----Macura, but whether that's accurate (original), I don't know. I also do not know if they were ALWAYS from Sarriske Jastrabie... the family could have come there from some other location. We know VERY little. In the U.S., they were Pennsylvania coal miners, but I don't know what they did in Europe.
      Thanks again. I'll save the info and see if I can find anything more relating to this.

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      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com
      > From: johnqadam@rogers. com
      > Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 02:20:36 +0000
      > Subject: [S-R] Mazura Computes
      >>>> My husband's family was actually Macura (I'm not certain if that's
      > supposed to be Ma�ura---I think it is pronounced "matzura"
      > or "Makzura") Anyway, they were from Sarriske Jastrabie. . . .
      > Our name is obviously corrupted--- how they went from Macura to Marzonie
      > is beyond us! We asked my husband's grandmother when she was still
      > alive if she wanted to have it changed back to Macura, and she
      > declined. <<<
      > Phone listings show Mazurova but no Mazur. Perhaps I am missing
      > something. None from Sarriske Jastarbie.

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