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  • kozlay
    Aug 7, 2008
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      Dear Paul,

      I do not think the entry below Maria's on the 1904 manifest could be her
      mother. The two were both 19 years old, and the second one appears to be
      coming from a different place and having a different destination. Nor do I
      think the name looks like Krajniak. To me it looks more like Jarajnak. The
      transcriber read it as Tarajnak.

      Are you even certain that Maria's mother ever immigrated? There are lots of
      Maria Krajniaks in the Ellis Island records, though I don't see any that
      might qualify age-wise.

      You are probably right that all these Kostyaks are related in some way,
      though you won't know for certain until you look at the Slovak records.
      Since it is likely you will find numerous people in there with the same
      name, it will be important to distinguish carefully between them, working
      out various family groupings based on parentage, siblings, spouses, dates of
      birth, etc. Keep in mind that only birth and marriage records can be used
      to establish the dates of those occurrences. You cannot, for instance,
      depend on stated age at marriage to establish a firm date of birth.

      I warn you that this is not an easy task. You can only hope that the records
      contain all the information you need. For instance, if a marriage record
      does not include the names of the bride and groom's parents, it may be
      difficult to place that marriage correctly in your family tree. The earlier
      you go, the more likely it is that there will be missing information. Also,
      you need to be prepared to find some people with more than one spouse. Death
      rates were pretty high, even among those who were relatively young, and
      remarriages often took place shortly after the death of a spouse. (Someone
      had to care for the children or support the family.) I found one instance in
      my own research in which a wife died and later that same year the deceased
      wife's brother was witness to the remarriage.

      I applaud you for your determination to sort all of this out. It can be very
      exciting work.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do.



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      Subject: RE: [S-R] Johannes Kostak

      Hi Janet:

      First, let me clear that words cannot express my gratitude thus far. Also,
      I realize you cannot continue to focus on my family to the extent that I
      would like. So anytime you need to stop, I understand completely.

      You are able to read these manifests remarkably. At this point, one
      question for you is that on the 1904 manifiest for Maria Miscovics, my
      grandmother, do you concur that the entry below Maria on the same manifest
      is her mother, my great-grandmother, Maria Krajniak?

      As an aside, it is my belief that many, many of the Kostyak's here in the
      Pennsylvania are are related. (I have just now come to that suspicion.)
      I need to connect the dots from John/Johannes/Janos born 1878, my
      grandfather, to the band/sibs of Kostyak's from the 1860's and 1870's.
      Based on reasonable analysis of the ages, my best guess is that Andres (born
      1858) is his father, but there are a couple of other possibilities.
      Also, there is a second Frank Kostyak from Braddock, PA (he had 8 children.
      All these years, we didn't think we were related to him, but now I suspect
      they are all kin to this same band/sibs, so they are likely cousins) who
      died a few years ago (the first Frank/Francis was my dad who also died 5
      years ago). It is my belief that Frank from Braddock (born 1888) was also
      a son of one of this same band of Kostyaks (Andres/Janos/Pal/Michely/et al)

      Finally, I see a Janos born1843 immigrated in 1889 on the Breman that I will
      take a wild guess and say he is the dad of this same band/sibs of Kostyaks.

      Finally, finally, I see an number of Janos Kostyak's. (born: 1843 (the one
      I just identified), 1862, (who I think is his son and one of this same
      band/sibs), 1871 (not sure who he is), 1875 (not sure who he is), 1878 (my
      grandfather as discussed) and 1886 (probably a child of one of the band/sibs

      Do you think I may be on the right track with all of this, or am I way off?
      Apparently, my family history center is closed the month of August.
      I'll be meeting with my newly hired genealogist, Elissa Powell here in
      Pittsburgh, next week.

      Thanks, Janet. I am determined to get this all right no matter how long it
      takes and how much it costs.


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      Dear Paul,

      The Maria Miskovics who arrived on the Carpathia in 1910 was the husband of
      Mihaly (Michael) Miskovics. She was traveling with her five children to her
      husband in Uniontown PA. Her mother was Agnes Csaplak in Lassupatak.

      Maria Miscovics was single when she immigrated in 1904.

      Both the 1920 and 1930 censuses from Pittsburgh indicate that John Kostyak's
      wife, Mary, was six years younger than he, making her date of birth about
      1885. This corresponds to the age of Maria Miscovics on the manifest in

      As for the date on Maria's tombstone, this sort of error is not uncommon.
      The date would have been provided by a family member who may not have been
      certain of her date of birth. The only definitive answer is to find her
      birth record in Slovakia.

      Clearly these two Marias were sisters-in-law.

      The occupational information on the members of the Kostyak family comes from
      the 1920 and 1930 censuses for Pittsburgh. This is a good illustration of
      how important it is to pay attention to all of the information provided.
      This is just as true when you begin looking at the church records from
      Slovakia. There is often far more information than simply dates of birth,
      marriage, death, and parentage, though it may not be obvious from first
      glance. When you locate entries for your family, be sure to make a copy of
      the entire page as well as close-ups of the individual entry. This will help
      you (and others) to glean as much information as possible from the record.
      It will be of interest, for instance, to see if John/Janos/Johannes came
      from a family of tailors or other craftsmen and whether they tended to marry
      other craftsmen, as opposed to farming peasants. This would be significant
      information relative to their social standing in the village and help you
      learn more about the actual lives they led. In the end, this will be of
      greater interest than just names and dates.

      Meanwhile, while you are waiting for films to come in, I concur that you
      would be well advised to learn all you can from Bill Tarkulich's site
      (www.iabsi.com) . There is so much valuable information there, you can spend
      several days going through it all and you may find yourself going back to it
      time and time again.



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      Subject: RE: [S-R] Johannes Kostak

      Hello Janet:

      Clearly, you have a thorough understanding of all of this. While I
      thought I had a good idea of Maria Miskovics record, you seem to be able to
      grasp things better.

      I am 100% sure that Janos was my grandfather. I plan to take a trip to
      the local family history center for more pieces to the puzzle in the next
      day or 2.

      I find it interesting that John/Janos/Johannes lists his father as Casparus
      and mother as Juliana. I guess it's possible that these two people never
      came over. I found other Kostyak's on manifests, including another Janos
      born in the 1860's. I suspect they are all related to me in some fashion.

      I have a different year of birth for Maria Miskovics. Her tombstone reads
      1883-1971. I remember her. Her brother was Michael. Does any of this
      additional information make you feel that you are still correct on your
      comments? I have a manifest from the Carpathia from September 17th,
      (1900 or 1910) that I thought was the correct family. Yours appears

      Also, how did you find out the great details that Louis was a errend boy for
      a flower shop, etc.?

      Any thoughts on any of this? Janet, I cannot tell you how indebted I am
      to you. We'll deal with that later.


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      Subject: RE: [S-R] Johannes Kostak
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      Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 8:34 PM


      Maria Miscovics immigrated on February 14, 1904, from Szomolnok, also in
      Szepes county, to Connellsville PA. Her date of birth was 1885.

      Szomolnok is now Smolnik SK and is not far from old Lassupatak. Lassupatak
      went under a bewildering variety of names, including Stillbach and
      Henclofalva. It is now Henclova or Ticha Voda SK, which are essentially the
      same village. You can find Smolnik and Henclova on a modern map such as
      MapQuest and see how close they are.

      Roman Catholic church records are available for both places.
      Lassupatak/Henclofa lva/Ticha Voda (etc.) records are found with the village
      of Nalepkovo. You might find Maria's family in either place, so you would
      likely need to order the films from both.



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      Subject: [S-R] Johannes Kostak

      Hello everyone: My name is Paul Kostyak from Pittsburgh, PA. I am
      doing a family tree and I have spend countless hours trying to piece
      the puzzle together. Can you please help me? After I piece the
      Kostak puzzle together, I have two other important Hungarian puzzles,
      but let's start with Kostak.

      My father was Frank. Born 1923 and died 2003. He had several
      siblings which I have good information on.

      Their father was John Kostyak, with no further information. His
      tombstone reads 1878-1944. This is correct.

      I found a small receipt of unknown origin (1909 from his marriage
      license?) which lists his name as Johannes Kostak. No "Y". I
      believe this to be his true, original name. There are other
      Kostyak's from the same Szepes region, but I don't think they are
      related. I think I need to focus on Kostak. I am confident that
      his name was originally Johannes Kostak, because the spouse listed is
      absolutely correct. (his spouse, my grandmother, will be the next
      puzzle I tackle another day. Just fyi, her name was Maria Miscovics
      from Lassupatak, and her mother was Maria Krajniak and her father was
      Michael Miscovics)

      This same obscure receipt lists his father as Casparus Kostak from
      Sandok Szepes. His mother was listed as Juliana Kostak. I
      estimate their births to be around 1850, give or take a decade. I
      don't know her maiden name.

      For the purpose of clarity, I will refer to Johannes Kostak as John
      Kostyak from this point forward. In everything John did in his life
      starting around 1910, he was referred to as John Kostyak, not
      Johannes Kostak. John's residence was listed as Mt. Lebanon, PA on
      this obscure receipt. Other minor clues: on his application for
      marriage, his name appears as John Kostak from Dorman, PA. (There
      is a small borough called Dormont, PA next to Mt. Lebanon)

      So, I am looking for any information about Johannes Kostak from
      Sandok, born in 1878. Also, any information about John's father,
      Casparus, and John's mother, Juliana.

      Also, fyi, John was a tailor for Boggs and Buhl in Pittsburgh.

      My cell phone is 412-445-8780 if anyone needs further clarification.

      Thank you in advance for any insights you can give me.


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