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20452RE: [S-R] Surnames in Slovakia in 1995

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  • Dorothy L Fitts
    Aug 1 6:40 AM
      I found some English words but did not find anything to translate the whole
      site. Where did you find that icon? When I selected the British flag nothing
      more seemed to happen except those few words.

      this is a section of what I found:
      Databáza priezvisk na Slovensku

      P. Ďurčo a kol.: Databáza vlastných mien a názvov lokalít na
      Slovensku. Podklady k projektu: Copernicus Programme, project COP-58:

      Priezvisko PÁĽKO sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 1×, celkový
      počet lokalít: 1, v lokalitách:
      KRIVÁŇ, okr. ZVOLEN (od r. 1996 DETVA) – 1×;


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      I was able to find an icon that will translate that site to English. That
      should help you.
      I have a different question. I was found the village I was looking for
      and after the last name shown in the village, I found this ', ...'. Does
      anybody know how to get the rest of the names on the list?

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      Subject: RE: [S-R] Surnames in Slovakia in 1995

      Unfortunately I do not speak Slovak. I have just started to learn. When I
      went to this site I found a surname I was looking for repeated again and
      again. There seemed to be a standard format. Could someone tell me what
      of the repeated words mean. I would appreciate any help anyone can give.
      Thank you.


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      Subject: [S-R] Surnames in Slovakia in 1995

      Database of surnames in Slovakia in 1995 (go to bottom of search page
      -- look for "Databáza priezvisk na Slovensku").

      Also a lexicon of Slovak language.

      http://slovnik. juls.savba. sk/?lang= en

      Sent to me by a helpful Slovak cousin.


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