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  • maxine
    Jul 3, 2008
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      Hi, Gulyassy is the name of my great, grandmother, Suzzanna. She was born in Jakubany, Slovakia. She married my grandfather Elias Sasala, or sometimes Schschla. When he passed Suzzanna married a Compel from the same village. In 1924 she came to Perth Amboy, NJ with Compel. Stayed a while and went to her dauthers in Lopez, Pa, Kathleen Sasala Decker or Deker.

      Where do your family names comes from? Maxine

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      I see you mentioned the name Gulyassy below. Is this a surname name in your
      family tree? I too have that name in my family tree. Maria Varsa married
      Steve Dulacy, which through much research, we found to be an Americanization
      of this Slovak name. Dulacy is also spelled Tollassy, Tolasi, Gulyassy,



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      Hi Lisa. That is the SAME cemetery that my whole family is buried at. Also,
      I and my family have always gone to St Johns!
      My grandfather is John Salala and my grandmother is Julia Velas Sasala. They
      lived on the corner of State St and Mechanic. My grandfather owned Sasala's
      Tavern. Across the street was SMITHS Drug Store and 2 houses down was a
      school which I attended until about 5th grade.
      I still attend St Johns and have relatives living in Perth Amboy and the
      area. My grandfathers children are:

      Anna Dosil married
      Julia Doyle married
      Mary Fedak (Picone) my mother
      Helen Bukarica
      John Sasala

      Grandfather came from Jakubany in Slovikia.
      One of the names you wrote starting with a G, could that be possibly be

      My grandfather John had 1 brother, Stephen from Perth Amboy and 2 sisters
      who ended up in Lopez, Pa.
      The sisters are Katherine Sasala Decker and Anna Sasala Decker. 2 sisters
      marrying 2 brothers.

      Do you think your Mom could remember any of this people?

      Also had an Aunt Julia Yadlouski.

      thanks maxine sasala

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      From: lisa elzeini
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      Hi! Maxine,
      I was born in Perth Amboy, I moved before high school.
      My Great Grandfather Mihaly Dzsupinka is burried in a cemetery on Pfieffer
      Blvd and Florida Grove Road. (Hopelawn/Perth Amboy) St. John the Baptist
      Orthodox Church in Perth Amboy, New Jersey is one of the oldest parishes in
      the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese. The parish was founded in
      1897. 145 Broad Street , Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861.


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